We don’t sing about the work we do with local marine businesses and boat owners very often, but with SeaWork 2023 just around the corner, and the maritime industry being abuzz with anticipation, this seems like a good time.

SeaWork is a renowned international exhibition, offering marine businesses an opportunity to showcase their products and services, make valuable connections and drive growth. However, amidst the excitement, as with any business, it’s crucial to recognize the legal challenges that can arise from doing business. Expert business solicitors like the team at Scott Bailey help steer marine businesses through the treacherous legal waters, ensuring their voyage to growth and success remains smooth and trouble-free.

SeaWork is not just an event; it’s a platform for SME businesses to make a splash in the maritime industry. However, what do you do when you have the broad terms of a deal agreed with a potentially great connection, but you need something in writing to protect you (particularly if you’re dealing with a larger business, or one you’ve not dealt with previously)?

Before setting sail on a new business relationship, engaging with solicitors with expertise in advising marine businesses can prove invaluable. Our trusted business advisers can help with deal structures, and review and assist in drafting your contracts, ensuring clarity, fairness, and protection of interests. By having an experienced commercial legal advisor by their side, SMEs in the marine sector can confidently navigate negotiations and partnerships, minimizing the risk of future disputes and safeguarding their assets.

During SeaWork 2023, innovative ideas take centre stage, and intellectual property protection becomes paramount. The team at Scott Bailey LLP can help marine businesses secure trademarks, designs, and copyright, safeguarding their ground-breaking new ideas and unique products from infringement. With appropriate legal protection in place, SMEs can unleash their creative potential, knowing that their intellectual property rights are shielded. Our commercial solicitors can also prepare or review licenses for intellectual property and technology, as well as agency and distribution agreements, and standard terms of business. Need a joint venture agreement? No problem.

The maritime industry is subject to a complex web of regulations and standards aimed at ensuring safety and environmental sustainability. Compliance is crucial, but the ever-changing landscape can be daunting for SMEs. Local marine solicitors are well-versed in compliance with regulations and can guide businesses through the maze of requirements. By partnering with these legal professionals, SMEs can avoid costly penalties and legal entanglements, focusing on their core operations with peace of mind. We even have our own vessel registration expert, Celia Hawson, who was previously at the UK Ship Register, and Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

Even the most meticulously planned voyages can encounter stormy weather. In the unfortunate event of disputes arising, our dispute resolution lawyers can offer skilled guidance and effective representation. Whether it’s resolving contractual conflicts, handling insurance claims, or addressing other legal matters, our litigation professionals can navigate the choppy waters of dispute resolution. Their expertise and negotiation skills can help marine businesses find swift, satisfactory and cost effective resolutions, keeping clients like you focussing on growth and success.

As SeaWork 2023 draws near, SME businesses should consider enlisting the support of local lawyers with expertise in advising marine businesses to ensure a successful voyage through deals arising out of the exhibition. With our legal expertise, SMEs can sail confidently towards growth and prosperity.

The corporate and commercial team, commercial litigation team, and commercial property team at Scott Bailey LLP in Lymington, are all experienced in advising marine businesses across the Solent and South Coast region on a range of business legal matters. Get in touch with Ben Ironmonger for a chat about how we can help make your business life easier!