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Resolution Together

Resolution Together is a new initiative and a new way of working where a family relationship breaks down and the couple involved are happy to meet with one lawyer together as opposed to a lawyer each.

Our Resolution Together trained lawyers are able to assist with difficulties that arise out of the breakdown of that relationship, be it a marriage relationship or cohabitation and indeed the issues that flow from that including children or finance difficulties, in a constructive and joint approach. The solicitor who undertakes this work can take the matter through to conclusion and produce the necessary documents which formalise any agreement reached between the couple.

Our Resolution Together trained lawyers are experienced in all methods of conflict resolution and we recognise that every situation is unique. We are committed to finding the right solution for you of the various options that are available.

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How does Resolution Together – One Couple One Lawyer work?

Separation and divorce are painful and upsetting experiences. What is important is that you get the very best service that helps you reach an outcome that works for you.

You and your former partner may agree that you wish to work with one solicitor who will provide you with all the help and assistance you need to reach an outcome together. They will provide you with legal advice jointly which focuses on the best interests of the family rather than either one of you “winning” over the other to the detriment of the family as a whole. They will, however, make sure that if you want or need individual advice of any kind, they advise on the best way to organise that. They will assist you together to reach an outcome and will also be able to help you record your decisions in an appropriate and binding way.

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Benefits of Resolution Together – One Couple One Lawyer

  • Focuses on the best interests of the family rather than one party “winning”
  • Non-adversarial process delivers a fair outcome
  • Joint approach avoids “winners” and “losers”
  • Avoids expensive court costs
  • Less mentally and psychologically straining

Is One Couple One Lawyer right for you?

For obvious reasons, a joint approach isn’t suitable for every couple. However, if there’s a general consensus between you and your ex-partner on how most things should be handled and you still respect and care for one another, we’d strongly recommend exploring One Couple One Lawyer.

It’s important to emphasise that you don’t need to agree on everything for One Couple One Lawyer to be a viable option. During the process, you will work with trained mediators, who are experts in progressing negotiations and reaching fair agreements. That being said, we will arrange a consultation with you before the process starts to ensure there are no true conflicts that would prevent a resolution from being reached.

As part of this model, we need to ensure we create a safe environment for you with this way of working. We will screen for abuse, domestic violence, and power imbalances. If you feel affected by any of these issues, here are some resources about how to find help and support:

Our team

Sarah Unsworth and Ann Herd are both Resolution Together trained solicitors. They will help you get the right service and achieve a fair outcome. To ensure the best possible result, they can also help you in arranging other professionals to provide any other support or advice you need in a team approach for example with financial advisers/neutrals, family consultants, even barristers who can provide a neutral evaluation of your situation and arbitrators who can deal with providing a binding outcome if and when you need it.

Ann Herd

Ann is an experienced family lawyer who is also both an accredited mediator and collaborative family lawyer. She is a trained Resolution Together (one couple – one lawyer) practitioner and is always looking for the best dispute resolution to avoid court.

Sarah Unsworth

Sarah is an experienced collaboratively trained lawyer and accredited mediator who is qualified to undertake direct consultation with children and hybrid mediation. She is trained in Resolution Together ( one couple – one lawyer) and is a member of Hampshire Family Legal Solutions, a multi-disciplinary team.

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Can a couple use the same lawyer for a divorce?

Yes, a couple can use the same lawyer for a divorce, and there are lots of benefits to taking this approach. That’s the reason Resolution Together launched One Couple One Lawyer.

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