So here we are, only a short time after the launch of the new no-fault divorce system online.  The website has apparently experienced a surge in case numbers and that is likely to be because the system was not available entirely for a week prior to the new launch and people will have sensibly waited to proceed on the basis of not blaming each other for a divorce.

The new divorce system is simple and administrative.  However,  research by The Marriage Foundation shows that divorce rates in the first 15 years of marriage have been falling across Europe and the UK is leading the way with a 27% reduction in divorce numbers between 1992 and 2017.  Does this mean though that marriages are lasting and lasting longer?  This is not necessarily the case; many people are just living together, cohabiting without marrying.  The number of lone parents has doubled in the same period.  There is an argument that by making it, on the face of it, easier to get divorced, this will diminish the importance of marriage.  We will have to see how the patterns of social behaviour develop.

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