Marriage rates for people aged 65 and over are steadily on the increase and have been since 2009.  Statistics show that men tend to marry younger women and almost all of the brides and grooms aged 65 and over were divorcees, widows or widowers with only a small number getting married for the first time.

This is likely to be because people are living longer and are more connected, both economically and socially, than they used to be.  People are more likely to be working beyond 65 and can support themselves outside of marriage.  They are becoming more adept at using social media in line with the younger generation.

People marrying for the second time around in later life will want to protect their assets.  They may still wish to leave their assets to their children and ring-fence property, savings, inherited wealth and pensions.  If this applies to you, then a prenuptial agreement may be a very good idea. 


The law relating to agreements made before marriage recognises those prenuptial wishes and, unless any agreement is very unfair on one party, looks to ensure those agreements are adhered to.  Everyone then understands at the outset how things might look if the marriage does not survive.  Steps can be taken to ensure that non-matrimonial properties stay that way. 

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