On the 19th April, Victoria and Merrin from the Scott Bailey conveyancing department, will be taking the plunge by skydiving to raise funds for Maggie’s charity.

This courageous leap is dedicated to our dear colleague Elayne, who is bravely facing the challenges of breast cancer. After six years of being in the clear, Elayne received the unexpected news of her cancer’s return, now as secondary breast cancer. Initially mistaken for a mere backache, this has been a huge shock for Elayne and her family. Despite the cancer being incurable, Elayne embarks on her palliative treatment with unwavering optimism, demonstrating nothing but a positive spirit in the midst of formidable challenges, and we are immensely proud of her.

“We were recommended to Maggie’s Centre at Southampton General Hospital by my Oncologist. They are offering much-needed support and practical help to both myself and my husband, Howard, who are trying to come to terms with finding our new ‘normal’ together. We have shared lots of tears and laughter in the beautiful setting, always over a welcome cup of coffee! Their support of me and other families in my position is so important, so I would be very grateful for any donation that you can make.”


If you would like to contribute to this cause, please visit our JustGiving page. Your generosity towards Maggie’s Centre is not only a gesture of kindness but also a lifeline for families like Elayne’s.

Your support means the world to us and to those fighting battles like Elayne’s. Follow our social channels for updates on Victoria and Merrin’s skydive challenge!

You can see the beautiful Maggie’s Southampton centre in these photos Elayne sent us: