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The commercial litigation solicitors at Scott Bailey LLP understand that when a business dispute arises, you as owners and directors want to resolve the problem quickly and effectively, having regard to the commercial considerations of cost, time, risk and benefit.

Whatever the nature of your commercial dispute, we can help your business resolve it, by identifying the most suitable course of action for you, in light of your specific priorities.

Where appropriate, we utilise alternative dispute resolution methods (otherwise known as “ADR”) such as round table meetings, mediation and arbitration as alternatives to court.

Where court is the most appropriate option, our litigation lawyers will advise on tactics, the likely costs and risks. We will provide clear advice as to the merits and pitfalls of your claim or defence and your prospects of success.
Our expert litigators can give you and your business the support and advice you need, whatever route you take.

Do you have a personal dispute or property dispute which you require assistance with? Have a look at our civil litigation or property litigation pages for more information.

  • Contract disputes
  • Company disputes
  • Property disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Director and shareholder disputes
  • Professional negligence
  • Debt recovery
  • Insolvency
  • Professional negligence
  • Intellectual property disputes

Litigation & Dispute Resolution Solicitors

We are known for our good sense and plain speaking. We focus on solutions not problems.

We are experienced in all types of work from small but important claims for individual clients through to multi million pound commercial cases.

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