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Family Arbitration

As family lawyers, we know all too well the problems associated with going to Court. Family arbitration offers an alternative. In Arbitration, you select the Arbitrator and you can choose the issues to be arbitrated. You can even choose the most suitable timing for a hearing to suit everyone concerned.

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Family Arbitration in the New Forest

Arbitration is a flexible and effective method to deal with family disputes – whether for the whole case or just one part of it. Matters can be dealt with entirely on paper or by telephone or at face to face meetings if everyone involved agrees.

Costs are always an important issue in family proceedings. The ability to streamline the procedure is likely to mean significant cost savings as compared with the Court process.

Arbitration can be used at any point in family litigation – before or after proceedings have begun. It can be an effective way to resolve stalled negotiations.

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What we can help with:

  • Dividing the family assets
  • Maintenance
  • Child support
  • How to deal with a family business
  • Where separating couples are to live
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Family Arbitration in Hampshire

If you wish to consider arbitration as a means of resolving your issues, our team can offer detailed practical advice on the process.

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