We are often asked by our clients how to get a quick divorce. With the right knowledge, preparation and legal guidance, you can be divorced in as little as 26 weeks from issue of the divorce application.

In the media-led world we live in, high-profile celebrity divorces are constantly gracing our screens – some are quick, others not so much.

We recently read about Isla Fisher and her quick and amicable divorce from Sacha Baron Cohen, which had been finalised before it had even been announced.

In stark contrast, the prolonged divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie continues to stretch into its eighth year, marked by intense legal battles over various issues, including their French estate, Château Miraval.

No divorce is simple, but doesn’t have to be long and drawn out.

How do I get divorced quickly?

Once you have made the decision to divorce your partner, communicate openly with each other, come to an agreement on asset division and spousal maintenance, and pledge to resolve any child custody issues amicably. The best way to get divorced quickly is to enlist the services of an experienced and trusted solicitor, who can offer services such as Mediation, Collaborative Law and Resolution Together.

Since 6th April 2022 all divorces are issued on a ‘no fault’ basis removing the acrimony that sometimes historically would start the divorce process and feed into decisions about money and children. Now either party can commence the divorce online and as long as their spouse is made aware of it, the divorce cannot be stopped or defended.  

While the physical act of getting a divorce is relatively speedy and simple, both parties must agree the financial split, how to manage savings accounts, homes, pensions and other assets, and especially child arrangements and ongoing co-parenting. And that is what can take time.


When a relationship breaks down, it can be hard for couples to see the way forward. What is even harder is that you are required to make rational decisions at an emotional time and if you want to do this quickly, it is wise to seek professional help.

Here at Scott Bailey, our specialist, experienced solicitor mediators can guide you to the best possible outcome for you and your family. Mediation is an effective way to reduce the conflict and come to a decision quicker. The number of sessions needed varies for each couple, but can be as little as 2.

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Resolution Together – One Couple One Lawyer

Another option for couples hoping for a speedy divorce is Resolution Together. It’s a new initiative that we are proud to offer here at Scott Bailey. The couple meets with one lawyer together as opposed to a lawyer each, which is less mentally and psychologically straining, focusses on the best interests of the entire family, and avoids expensive court costs.

The lawyer who undertakes the work can take the matter through to conclusion and will produce all of the necessary legal documents which formalise any agreement reached between the couple. In this case, the act of processing the divorce is very quick and simple.

Our team, Sarah Unsworth and Ann Herd, are both Resolution Together trained solicitors. They will help you get the right service and achieve a fair outcome. To ensure the best possible result, they can also help you arrange other professionals to provide support or advice you need in a team approach, for example, with financial advisers/neutrals, family consultants, and barristers who can provide a neutral evaluation of your situation, and arbitrators who can provide a binding outcome if and when you need it.

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Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law presents an alternative approach to resolving issues stemming from the dissolution of a relationship. It prioritises steering clear of court proceedings. Unlike traditional methods, all discussions occur through direct face-to-face meetings. Throughout this journey, a dedicated collaborative lawyer accompanies you.

The objective is to facilitate the couple in crafting enduring solutions that cater to the entire family’s needs. Particularly, if children are part of the equation, their welfare remains central to the discussions. Upon reaching a settlement, your collaborative lawyer can formalise it into a legally binding agreement.

Here at Scott Bailey, we are specialists in Collaborative family law.

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If you and your partner are wanting to process a quick divorce, we’d advise you to seek professional support. We are committed to your well-being and take a personal approach to help you resolve what matters to you, and with our legal expertise, we will ensure that your decisions are considered and processed in a legally binding way.

Focusing on the bigger picture, we explore all opportunities to settle issues without going to court and keeping the entire procedure as cost effective and stress free as possible. With that in mind, if family mediation, collaborative law or arbitration are not appropriate, we will protect your interests tenaciously through the courts.